About Me

I am the Eldership Team Leader, Senior Pastor or Lead Elder depending on your church tradition, of Kings Church Horsham (KCH). I also have the privilege of helping other churches leaders locally, nationally and internationally. The most visible expression of this is the Culture Lunches I host with others from my KCH Team every two months.


In 2013 I had a series of powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit that transformed my life giving me a passionate desire for the manifest presence of God. I realised that ambition was no substitute for hunger and so began a journey of discovery for my true identity as a son of God, what being an heir with Christ meant and how I have access to a heavenly inheritance now.

This journey has changed everything. It has changed me, my need to perform, my ambition for success that is measured in the size of my church, the number of sites or the multiple meetings or even my busyness. I used to get my value and worth from those things. The decisions I made would usually be about increase in those areas because that gave increase in my significance and worth. However, all that changed when I realised who I was as a son of heavenly father! My worth and value are in Him and that will not change no matter how well, or how badly, I perform. Successful or not, I am my fathers son!” Andy Robinson


Life at Kings Church Horsham

Kings Church is a vibrant extended family of 400+ people of all ages, ethnicities and relationship statues. Our Sunday meetings are lively and fun because anything could happen, and often it does.


We are a people passionate for the presence of God and fully expect to encounter Him when we meet together. We always make space of the Holy Spirit and most weeks we expect to see many of the gifts of the Spirit operate as we meet together.


When we gather on a Sunday we are gathering primarily to worship our heavenly Father. Sundays are for him, we gather to him, for him and because of him. We are hungry for his presence and fully expect the Holy Spirit to be evidently at work. No two Sundays are identical because we don’t put the Holy Spirit in a box or look to contain Him in a program. Sometimes we worship and keep going and just have a short sermon (or even no sermon), other times there are prophetic words, tongues and interpretation. There are usually testimonies and prayer for healing too. I decided some time ago to stop everything orbiting around the sermon. When the sermon is the most important thing then the preacher is the most significant person in the room (which is why I beleive that everyone seems to want to preach). However, we what to orbit all we do around the presence of God and thus the Holy Spirit becomes the most significant person in the room. He then has space to change and lead us. He has the freedom to manouver and direct us and what we do each week. There is so much I could say, but you would need to download some of my podcasts as there is not enough room here!” – Andy

But there is much more to church than a sunday meeting. We have plenty to do for you to connect with people throughout the week too.
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Culture Hub

Since then the numbers at KCH have almost doubled and many other church leaders were wanting to understand what was going on. Meeting all these church leaders one on one soon became impractical and so I started putting on a lunch and inviting those leaders hungry for more of God who were on, or who wanted to be on, a similar journey as KCH. These lunches give me the opportunity to share what God was doing and answer questions.


This has become what is called a CULTURE LUNCH for church leaders, those able to change culture in their churches. There is worship, prayer and prophetic ministry and often I will share something in response to questions that are generally being asked. Often there are testimonies of what is going on in the individual churches represented.


Presently there are about 12-15 Church represented with anywhere between 30-50 leaders in the room. If you would like to come and be part of these culture lunches then please complete the form HERE.

For the dates for future Culture Lunches click HERE